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Welcome to Tackling Tables

a brilliant way to master times tables and the inverse!

  • Developed by teachers as an easy to use whole school approach and for use at home
  • Designed to help children achieve instant recall by the end of year 4 (Age 9)
  • Children play the unique Tackling Tables playing cards to learn multiplication and division facts
  • Rapid improvement increases self- belief and leads to a much more positive attitude to maths
  • Whole school approach includes tracking software to monitor every child’s progress
  • Brilliant opportunity to involve parents in supporting classroom activity
  • Deepening of understanding is achieved through related intelligent practice material
  • Certificates and button badges are used in school to recognize and celebrate success
  • Helps all children to meet national curriculum expectations
  • 67% of questions in 2018 SATs Arithmetic Test needed tables knowledge
  • 52% of questions in 2018 SATs Reasoning Tests needed tables knowledge
  • Compulsory testing of tables for Year 4s in 2019/20

How it Works

By the end of year 4 (age of 9) all children should know their tables and the corresponding division facts "off by heart".
This is the expectation of the National Curriculum.

Blue Phase

1x; 2x; 5x & 10x

(by end of year 2 - age 7)

Green Phase

3x; 4x & 8x

(by end of year 3 - age 8)

Red Phase

6x; 7x; 9x; 11x & 12x

(by end of year 4 - age 9)

Use the cards as demonstrated below. Children need to answer without hesitating or counting on fingers.

  • Shuffle the cards
  • Ask 9 x 5 and 5 x 9
  • Allow 3 seconds to answer and win the card
  • Not sure? Show the answer
  • Put to back of the pack and keep playing
  • Now for division
  • Ask 45 ÷ 5 (or how many lots/groups of 5 in/make 45)
  • Only 3 seconds to answer and win
  • Not sure? Show the answer
  • Put to back of the pack and keep playing
  • Continue with division
  • Ask 45 ÷ 9 (or how many lots/groups of 9 in/make 45)
  • Only 3 seconds to answer and win
  • Not sure? Show the answer
  • Put to back of the pack and keep playing


To help you to support your child we have created:
Tackling Tables Student Packs
By regularly playing the Tackling Tables cards, you will see them taste success and watch them grow in confidence and self-belief

It Really Works......

Undoubtedly, Tackling Tables has revolutionised our children’s enthusiasm, understanding and fluency of times tables. What an amazing initiative!

The approach is fun, exciting and engaging for children, teachers and parents alike. The relationship that the children have with their times tables has become exponentially more positive and happy, whilst the relationship between parents and teachers over tables has developed as well.

I could not recommend this any more highly – a fantastic opportunity. The best decision as a maths lead that I have made! :)

Jocelyn Knight

King’s Cliffe Endowed Primary School

I think it's a fantastic resource. I love the simplicity of the game, the 'quickness' of getting it out and putting it away and obviously the fact the children love it, Sam especially loves the competitive element of it. Although you could spend ages playing it, I love the fact that you could spend less than five minutes playing it with your child and even that can make a huge difference


Mother and Year 1 Teacher Bure Park Primary School

Personally, I have found that using tackling tables has helped parents and staff to focus on the importance of times tables within maths. The extension challenges really reflect the fluency element of the new maths curriculum. Parents like Tackling Tables because it is something they are able to do at home to support their child. The children enjoy challenging themselves and we celebrate every increase in score, whether it is one more or a 100! I always emphasise that if you can do the multiplication challenge then you can do the division because to divide quickly you need to know your tables.

Sarah Turner

MaST teacher - Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Dear Dennis,

Using the tackling tables has made learning multiplication fun for my 7 year old. The colour scheme showed him very early on how , if he learns the "blue" lists he has learnt the majority of the tables and how x times y is the same as y times x. The card system enabled us to play games that reinforced his knowledge in a fun, family way. Overall a brilliant, fun and well thought system. Thank you!

Antonia Moussakou

Parent of a pupil at Sandringham & West Newton Primary School

Tackling Tables has created a real buzz in our school, it has re-invigorated our children’s motivation in learning multiplication and division facts – they love it! Not a day goes past without one of the children finding me on the playground to give me an update on their progress! I’d recommend it to any school as a way of developing pupil’s fluency in recalling key facts – the intelligent practice extension material is really challenging some of our most able pupils.

Alison Moat

Maths Subject Leader - Hampton Vale Primary School, Peterborough

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